Hannah Ferguson

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Begining her career in the photographic arts Hannah began to experiment with paint whilst working closely with Isreali Artist Yaron Lambez, whilst based in the Canary Islands.


After her recent return to England Hannah has been developing her unusual technique of 'drawing' black lines from a paint filled ball on a string. Her work is then maticulously filled in, using a striking mixture of acrylic and gold, silver and copper leaf.


Along side her painting Hannah also works as a curator and events organiser. As well as organising various exhibitions over the past years, Hannah founded Pendulum Art, a floating gallery, in 2016, and organised The Newent Art Competition early this year. Her most recent venture is The Secret Gallery, her first fixed gallery space, set in the cobbled couurtyard of The Shambles in Newent. Where along with a exhibiting a variety of local artists and makers, Hannah also has her studio.

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